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Students who use their natural talents achieve the most — but they need to know what those talents are. StrengthsQuest helps students discover and make the most of their talents.



Students and learners of all ages continually face the challenges of gaining direction, making decisions and building self-confidence. Fortunately, the keys to successfully meeting these challenges — your own natural talents — already exist within you. Through these talents, you will produce your greatest achievements.

Over the course of 30 years, Gallup conducted millions of psychological interviews and identified 34 themes of talent that are indicative of success. In the StrengthsQuest program, Gallup offers you the opportunity to discover talents from your top five themes and build on them to achieve academic, career and personal excellence. More than 100,000 students have benefited from the program.

Your quest starts with the CliftonStrengths assessment that reveals your top five themes of talent. Each book includes a unique, one-time-use access code to take the online assessment. CliftonStrengths is your entryway to a variety of experiences that will help you discover your greatest talents and develop strengths. You’ll gain access to action items specific to your top themes that cover general academic life, study habits, relationships and career. You’ll also be challenged to think about applying your talents for success in other settings, such as on projects and teams and in leadership.

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